It was claimed that enough manure would be produced by a proposed 8100-cow factory farm at Nocton, Lincolnshire, England to fill Wembley Stadium in a day.  

Son of Sam investigates...

It is a gud eyedeer to compare neything to futball as mor ppl are going 2 take an inteligent look at facks 2 du with futball than farmin or invirunmentallists. 

2nd wen usin futball 4 mezzurin cow shite volyumes du not exajer8 ur statisticks this cud lede to a fine from the FA. 

Now the facks as pruved by the inturnet. 

The shite needed to fill the bowl depends on bowl volyume. The volyume of Wemberley Stadium is 1,139,100 m3. Daley manyure volyume from 1 cow is 68 litres

Now the hard summs u must devide the seckund one in2 the furst I cheeted an used the calkewlatur it sed 16751 and sum dessimuls we wont wury with these as sum cow sum day mite be constypayted. 

What this mean? It meeans nuthing becoz 1 is m3 an the other is l. m3 is 1000 l so the arnser is 1000 times wrong.

Du yu want a bigger arnser (darey bilders) or a smallur arnser (antee-darey ppl, an ppl hu cant deel with big numbas)? 

Wemberley is bigga in litres so unfortunitly the rite arnser is an unpopula 1000x bigga ie 16751470 and sum dessimals witch we wil agane ignore in case sum poor cow has dyerreha. 

What it meen now? It meen it wud take 1 cow 16751470 days to fil Wemberley's bowl that is a long time ackshuly I dont think 1 cow is going 2 last 45894 yeers tho mabe with jennetick enginneering that wil becum posibl. 

Fortunitly for oponunts of cows their wil be 8100 cows devide agane that makes onlee 5.6659802429343122332646909600979 yeers this time we keep the dessimuls becoz time is munny. 

If u reely want 2 no it is five yeers and 243 days if nun of it evvaporated in the meentime also this wud play havoc with the futball fickstures I dont no y they are thinking of duin this shurely it wud be betr to keep the cows in a farm not drouning in there own shite in a futball stadiom.  

If u like thees sort of summs try 1 about this shite.

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