After years of nagging, The Friends of The Lincoln Tank have put a replica WW1 tank on the city's Tritton Road roundabout.

TRAMP believes the war engineering PR men's proposed erection in front of McDonalds is wholly inadequate.

TFOTLT assert that tanks tested near PC World, and not Morrisons as was popularly assumed, caused WW1 to end early, saving lives.

But did tanks ever save 150,000 lives in half a second?

Did tanks prevent thousands of cancers and genetic mutations?

Don't think so.

Clearly a tool of world peace, atomic weapons have prevented many more deaths than the tank.

TRAMP's plan celebrates the 50th anniversary of a remarkable survival story...the very survival of Lincolnshire itself.

To avoid causing necessary alarm Lincolnshire is generally unaware of the historic moment when a lorry turned over and the nuclear bomb it was carrying
didn't go off.  The lives of tens of thousands of grateful citizens were instantly saved.

So an unexploded atomIC bomb commemorating the total non-annihilation of Lincoln residents would make an ideal PEACE monument for the ROPEWALK Roundabout, welcoming visitors to the city.

True, TRAMP's commemorative "bombnument" will cost a little more than a £100,000 tank scheme. 

Would you rather pay less, only to see a fraction of the death avoided?

Nukes were large back then.  Bigger weapons mean bigger fun!  A-bombs make a fascinating educational play zone for the young plutonium-fodder of future generations.

A vocal minority opposes TRAMP's historical project by exploiting negative public feelings towards their incineration, and common misconceptions about the benefits of overpressure and megadeaths.

Let me get in first and say that TRAMP's bombnument would be in no way glorifying cheloids, sightlessness, genotoxicity or intense gamma radiation.

After all, it's
tanks which are firing radioactive munitions these days.  And it all started in Lincoln.

Say YES to nukes and NO TANKS by donating today to Waddington Accident Nuke Killer Engineers' Remembrance Society.

Or if you are not affiliated with WANKERS simply hand it to your lodge's Grand Policemaster of Vanishing Probes.  Easy as 3-2-1!

Business contributors from Lincoln's weapons industries will benefit from advertising on the device and there's a radiation-hardened mp3 player for the ten highest donors.









Cost: three times what I got for my house in Lincoln


















            Feeling fissile? 

                        To achieve criticality, fly off like a neutron.   

                  Which way to spend £60000 on military history is better?                      Clear the mines or cluster munitions from an area in Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Iraq or Afghanistan equal to about 9 Tritton Road roundabouts / two thirds of Lincoln Arboretum?                               And stop some kids getting blown to bits?                                  Or put a tank on this roundabout?                          Hmmmm.                     Lincoln City Council could get that one wrong.                        Will the tank-fanciers persuade your commanders at City Hall to make you worship their tank by getting you to repeatedly drive around it?                    Or will the plan be like the mines...  ?

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  Tanks very much!      ...Boom! boom!                                                   You're the bomb!